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We have 5,000 Acres of training grounds.  Our kennels, on-site student guest lodge, and training grounds are situated on 5,000 secluded acres surrounded by the Roanoke River in eastern NC. The terrain consists of fields, woodlands, ponds, impoundments, swamps, trails, and many miles of private roads. These diverse and isolated training grounds offer an ideal setting in which to conduct the high risk rural tactical tracking, area searches, or other suburban or rural training exercises we offer. Our training grounds include everything needed to expose dogs to many distractions and enticements during their training with us. We also train in many offsite facilities to duplicate urban or suburban working environments.

We have numerous buildings and structures on-site in which to conduct narcotics detection, explosive detection, building search, and apprehension scenario training. Tracking/trailing training is begun in our rural setting and then moved to a suburban or urban setting for additional work. The various terrains, ground surfaces, and wildlife distractions located here offer the best possible training grounds for tracking/trailing training.

Our wildlife detection training is conducted in the vast woodlands and fields available on site. Boat and water work for wildlife enforcement K9’s is conducted on lakes, ponds and the Roanoke River. Wildlife is abundant and scenario training is varied and comprehensive.

Our large and varied training grounds allow us to accomplish practically all training functions on site. This means we do not use training time traveling to multiple training sites. Our training days are spent training. Typically this enables both handlers and dogs to progress in their training more rapidly. Greater training time equals higher quality K9 teams!

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