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We occasionally have apprenticeship openings for persons wishing to learn law enforcement K9 training. Our apprenticeship program is reserved for selected students without resources to pay for training and education in the field of law enforcement K9 training. Students willing to invest labor and time in exchange for their training and education may be considered. Housing is provided but students must provide for meals and transportation during the program.

Comprehensive law enforcement K9 training cannot be taught in a short multi-week training course and requires a serious time commitment to develop the skills needed to competently train canines for law enforcement work. The apprenticeship offers the serious student the opportunity to work with instructors, law enforcement K9 handlers, and canines in all aspects of police canine training. The apprenticeship is a minimum of six months commitment which includes classroom and field work learning environments. Applicants must have a strong work ethic, submit to a background check, criminal record check, and drug testing.

Applicants should email Tennessee Bowling: