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Ventosa Kennel


Ventosa Kennel is a premier Police K9 training facility in North Carolina, producing unsurpassed working dogs for law enforcement and other working duties. We sell trained police dogs and we sell untrained or "green" dogs that have been screened and tested and ready to be trained. We specialize in training K9 handlers and dogs for police patrol work, narcotics detection, bomb detection, tracking, wildlife detection, and other specialty training. Our goal is and has always been to train to the highest level attainable. Our working dogs  and training are second to none!


We are not a dog vendor. We do not import "trained," "finished," or "titled" competition sport dogs for resale to law enforcement agencies. We only sell trained dogs that we have bred or purchased as untrained adult dogs and have specifically selected, screened, and trained for serious law enforcement work. We are involved in all training each dog receives. All canine training is a building block program and each phase is dependent on the success of the previous phase. Unless we are involved in each phase of the training we cannot know what foundation problems, training issues, or temperament flaws may have been demonstrated in any previous training phase. Therefore we cannot be totally confident of a future response the dog might have in a critical situation. In law enforcement work, this is a risk we are unwilling to accept.


The benchmark of our training is our rigid certification requirements. Every K9 team training with us must pass our certification requirements before being allowed to graduate our program. Our certification requirements are more demanding than those issued by any police K9 certifying organization in the US today. We guarantee any K9 team trained at Ventosa Kennel will be capable of passing certification requirements with any certifying organization in the US today. Setting our certification standards higher requires us to deliver to our clients the best working dogs available. We are so confident in our ability to provide top quality dogs we provide a one year performance guarantee! If you are not satisfied with the performance of any dog trained at Ventosa Kennel during this period we guarantee a full replacement according to your contract.