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Ventosa Kennel

Our K9 Training Facility

The Nation's Largest Police K9 Training Facilities          

We have a 70,000 Sq. Ft. Indoor Training Center, offering the largest and most comprehensive scenario based training facilities in the US. The opportunity to train  in  a varied  and  realistic  training  environment better  prepares   K9  teams   for  real  world   deploy­ments. Our facility is equipped and organized for police   K9 training.   There are numerous training areas within the building dedicated to specific training. Scent imprinting is conducted on our large scent walls, portable scent training devices, and a diversity of room, furniture, vehicles, and equipment give the detection K9 team every opportunity to train in realistic settings. Many Patrol K9 team exercises can be trained within the building regardless of the weather. An indoor agility course, multiple stairs, a 10,000 sq. ft. slick floor area, total darkness areas, etc. offer almost every conceivable indoor environmental exposure challenge.  Building search training is accomplished in various challenging settings that prepare the K9 team to conduct this dangerous exercise safely. Practically all apprehension training exercises,  including  vehicle  extractions,  felony vehicle  stops,  active  shooter  pursuits,  or other  tactical K9 handler   exercises can be conducted   within the facility. Over 15,000 sq. ft. is set up to allow Simmunition-type force-on-force training that better prepares the K9 team for armed encounters.

The kennel facilities consist of a climate controlled building with indoor/outdoor concrete runs. Exercise areas, training areas, and obstacle course are adjacent to the kennel area. The entire complex is enclosed with 6′ chain link fencing.

Lodging for attendees of our training courses can be provided conveniently on-site. Our guest lodge, which also houses our classroom, is sleeping quarters for up to 15 people. The facility also has a full kitchen, dining area, and lounge areas complete with fireplaces. While training days here are long and hard, your evenings and accommodations are guaranteed to be comfortable!

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