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Our working dog training courses all have the same foundation.....solid Obedience. Obedience training is the common thread that runs through all dog training. Obedience training not only builds a strong handler/K9 relationship but also builds a strong work ethic that enables the dog to pass our rigid certification requirements. Solid obedience training develops the control that today's law enforcement K9 handler must have of his working dog. The root cause of many of the problems K9 handlers experience in the handling of their dogs on the street is a poor obedience foundation. Any K9 handler graduating from our training courses will have absolute off-leash control of the dog in all working tasks and all working environments.

All courses include training for both handler and dog. Handler training includes comprehensive classroom training as well as field and scenario training. We can supply the dog for the training course or the client may supply a suitable dog. Patrol K9, Tracking/Trailing K9, and Wildlife Detection K9 handlers should be in good physical condition due to the rigors of tracking/trailing. Personnel should be carefully screened to determine if they will be suitable K9 handlers. We will be glad to assist you in this selection process.