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Ventosa Kennel

8 Week Advanced Trainer’s Course

Objective Course Information:

This 8-week course is primarily made up of 8 Categories of K9 Training:

  1. Basic Obedience Training
  2. Advanced Obedience Training
  3. K9 Care Training
  4. Understanding K9 Behaviorals Training
  5. K9 Agility Training
  6. Basic Police K9 Training
  7. Personal Protection Training
  8. Service K9 Training

Students will first be taught how to train a K9 in Basic Obedience that consists of sit, stay, heel, down, and come. They will then be instructed on how to train a K9 in Advanced Obedience that consists of off leash training and implementing hand signals. The Care of a K9 plays an important role in all aspects of training. Through this area of focus, Students will be able to provide basic,  yet important veterinary-care information and grooming techniques to their Clients. With instruction on Understanding K9 Behaviorals, Students will be knowledgeable in how to read a Client's K9 to allow for proper evaluation and problem solving. Next, Students will be taught how to train a K9 in Agility, start to finish, with the use of our 15-piece agility set.

After establishing a foundation of Basic K9 Training through the first 5 categories, Students will then learn Basic Training for 3 categories of working K9. In Basic Police K9 Training, Students will learn K9 selection, corrections, and praising. Although Client expectations and demands may vary when it comes to training Personal Protection and Service K9s, Students will learn how to do Basic Training for these K9s that will meet the central demands for these kinds of working K9.

The Student will be graded and certified according to Ventosa Kennel's Standards.

  • Tuition: $9,500.00 (Includes Lodging)
  • Dates Available: 
    • START:   October 23, 2017      END:   December 22, 2017
  • Housing is provided with each course. Our guesthouse comfortably accommodates 9 students. It's equipped with a full kitchen, cable, and internet. 
  • Training Facility is a 70,000 square foot building equipped with a classroom, training equipment, and kennels. 
  • Required from all prospective Students: Application Form, High School Diploma or GED Equivalent, and an Interview Process. 
  • Payment: We accept all Major Credit Cards, Checks, and Bank Wires.
  • Please contact our Assistant Training Coordinator for more Information: or 919.533.9096
***Any holidays will be made up accordingly to Student's Course Schedule.